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Men's Kimono

Discover our collection of men’s kimono, elegant, comfortable and reminiscent of the Japanese world. If you want to dress like a real Japanese, or assert your values like an honorable samurai, then you will love our typical Japanese clothing!

The kimono for men, an authentic Japanese garment

Etymologically, the kimono comes from the words “kiru” and “mono” which means “thing that you wear on yourself”. The kimono for men is a traditional garment, typical of Japan, which is closed by crossing the left side and the right part. An OBI belt often accompanies this outfit to maintain your waist and give your silhouette the look of a real samurai. This emblematic outfit of the Land of the Rising Sun is traditionally worn on special occasions and events, such as wedding ceremonies, parties with friends, birthday parties or festivals. But it can also be worn as a bathrobe, cosplay for Japanese exhibitions or as a martial arts outfit.

Combining both modern and traditional styles, our kimonos come in many different designs, with different textiles, patterns, colors and sizes. You can find Yukata, traditional kimonos, training kimonos or even robe style kimonos. Our kimonos retain the traditional charm of the garment while incorporating the latest trends in modern fashion to stay stylish!

The men’s kimono is comfortable, soft and pleasant to wear.

Japanese people love to wear a kimono in the morning, while walking in parks, gardens and cities, or in the evening, after a hot bath, to relax and unwind. And for good reason, this garment is known for the feeling of comfort and softness it gives to its wearer. Its fabric is designed to be soft and pleasant to the skin. All the men’s kimonos you will find in this collection have been made with care and attention to detail, to give you all the comfort and ease of a traditional Japanese kimono. Whether it is in polyester, cotton, thick linen or silk, you will find the kimono that suits you! In addition to giving off a zen, serene and soothing atmosphere around you, this authentic garment will make you spend pleasant moments, inside and outside. Moreover, the kimono for men is particularly adapted to the mid-season, but can be worn just as well in summer when it is hot.