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Men's Kimono Jacket

The kimono jacket for men, a mixture of traditional Japanese style and streetwear

The kimono jacket has conquered the hearts of Westerners in recent years. And for good reason, it combines the beauty of streetwear fashion with the splendor of traditional Japanese style. Very fashionable in recent years, this garment has been worn by many people, seeking to express their original style and their love for the Japanese world.

Also called haori, the kimono jacket is characterized by long and loose sleeves, a long or short straight cut, a soft, light and comfortable fabric. This garment often features beautiful, authentic and traditional patterns and prints inspired by the Japanese world. You will find for example patterns of cranes or Koi carp, emblematic animals of the country of the rising sun. You can add an obi belt to maintain the crossing between the left and right sides of the kimono.

Made of a soft, fluid and comfortable fabric, the kimono jacket is a garment that combines elegance and comfort. Whether it is made of cotton, polyester, linen or satin, it brings a freedom of movement and a feeling of ease very pleasant. Practical, it can be put on in a few seconds very easily to complete an outfit.

Our kimono jackets are designed to fit all body types. From size S, M, L, XL, XXL or even XXXL, there is every chance that you will find the garment that suits you perfectly! They are also very versatile clothes, in the sense that they can be worn for any occasion. You can wear it while practicing martial arts as well as at home or while going out on the town with your friends. One thing is for sure, it is the ideal garment to wear during the mid-season or the summer season.

Finally, the kimono jacket is also a way to express your samurai values: courage, self-control and loyalty.

How to adopt the kimono jacket trend?

Among our wide range of products, you will find many designs, patterns and prints. Whether it’s cranes, Japanese landscapes, kanagawa wave, kanji or seigaiha patterns you’re bound to find a kimono that suits you. Pair it with jeans, cargo pants or chino pants and a solid color t-shirt for a fashionable streetwear style. To top it all off, add a pair of sneakers. For a more traditional style, you can wear our kimono jackets with Geta, the iconic wooden sandals of the Japanese world and an obi belt.